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A Full Leg Compression Sleeve is predominantly an item that is worn over the lower half of the leg. The main role of such a sleeve is to compress muscles and is used quite frequently to enhance sporting performances as well as for medical purposes. They can be used during sporting events and after as a part of the recovery process. Full leg compression sleeves are becoming increasingly common. Whilst some may debate

the validity of these compression sleeves, many athletes and amateur sports personas swear by it. Scientists have also investigated the recovery time of athletes who use compression wear and research has indicated that they may speed up recovery, another valid reason as to why many utilise these items.


A full leg compression sleeve has many benefits:

-They may act as anti-microbial treatments as they resist odours

-Keeps the wearer dry by absorbing the moisture into the material

-Keeps regulating the temperature and keeps the wearer warm in cold weather and vice-versa in hot weather

-Let’s the skin breathe

-Avoids discomfort as the sleeves usually are seamless

-Graduated compression so that the most support is lent to the wearer during sporting activities and thus reduces recovery time


These are just some of the reasons as to why a compression sleeve is a must especially for those engaging in sporting activities or those who are amateur sporting professionals.


Full leg compression sleeves work by graduated compression, so the compression is tighter by the foot or ankle and then gets looser as it moves up the calf muscle or leg. This mechanism or graduated compression allows you to fight the effects of gravity and aid the body in allowing deoxygenated blood to flow back up the heart faster. The muscles in the body require a lot of oxygenated blood to flow to ensure optimal

performance. The more oxygen is present, the better the performance will be. Being able to increase the efficacy of the blood flow in the body through graduated compression will therefore also potentially improve sporting performance. Lactic acid which gives rises to cramps are also produced in the body when there is a lack of oxygen. Being able to help the blood flow within the body will also help reduce the amount of lactic acid and so these leg compression sleeves can also potentially limit side effects such as cramping from sporting activities. Full leg compression sleeves have a strong scientific basis behind their invention and for all these reasons they are worth investing in.


Vital Salveo is founded by Kevin Lin, who from personal experience created a range of products which could help improves pain as well as restore your energy levels. The Recovery Compression Full Leg sleeves could increases blood flow, strengthens far infrared resonance and releases negative ions. Their sleeves also improve blood circulation and metabolism. The sleeves are also designed with anti-slip technologies which is an added bonus.


Written by: Josane

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