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Vital Silver-Germanium Back Brace(One Size)

Item Style: CJ-5712 

Color: Light Grey


  • Professional Design  -- Using the best flexible material and one size fits most people. Helps relieve lower back pain and improve the blood circulation. 

  • Comfortable To Wear  -- The moisture-wicking fabric and breathable weaving can be worn for long hours with comfort.
  • Innovative Fiber -- Using germanium material improve blood circulation, recover cells and relieve chronic fatigue.
  • Enhance Performance -- Three dimension textile material and weaving structure enhancing the effects of massage stimulation and eliminate fatigue.


Generally, it can fit everyone. Nevertheless, if you do not sure, please contact us to make a requirement for ordering. Far infrared can penetrate to subcutaneous tissues and have the work of warming, messaging, and promoting blood circulation.  Negative ion energy is also called "Airborne Vitamins". It can neutralize ambient pressure and the acidification of negative ions to coordinate body. Causing positive adjustments, increasing brain power and activity and make work effectiveness. Bringing comfortable relaxation and calming emotions, aiming at the promotion of health.


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