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Vital Salveo-Germanium Back Brace(One Size)

Item Style: CJ-5712 

Color: Light Grey


  • Innovative Fiber -- Using germanium material and bamboo charcoal fiber could protect your body and reduce the discomfort.
  • Professional Design  -- Using the best flexible material and one size fits most people. It helps reduces discomfort and keep your body warm. 

  • Comfortable To Wear  -- The moisture-wicking fabric and breathable weaving can be worn for long hours with comfort and warmth.
  • Innovative Fiber -- Using germanium material improve blood circulation, recover cells and relieve chronic fatigue.
  • Enhance Performance -- Three dimension textile material and weaving structure enhancing the effects of massage stimulation and eliminate fatigue.
  • Ideal for Sports and Daily Wear -- It is very soft and comfortable to wear under shirts or clothes. Especially for people to keep their waist warm and reduce the discomfort. 


Generally, it can fit everyone because it has spandex, so it is very flexible. 


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