The only intention

The only purpose for our brand is to help different kinds of customers to have better sports performance and to have a better life quality.

At first, I just like hiking, and more because of other reasons that inspire me to invent comfortable and support knee sleeve.

Seamless is a one-piece knitted technology that makes products comfortable to wear. Moreover, combined with the graduated compression concept, it can support the muscles with appropriate pressure. To combine these two concepts, we have many times of tests and trials. Finally, we have our own special 3D knitted technology.

However, it is still not enough; we would like to be more different than others. We add “Germanium” and “Bamboo Charcoal” into the fiber.

Germanium” relieves pain and supports to have better performance on physical activity. Therefore, we gather the top experts to use their profession to use germanium fiber draws into yarn. Also, the bamboo charcoal releases far-infrared, and it wicks moisture and deodorizing.

Finally, we use this concepts and technologies to develop a variety of products, which allow consumers to get a better life through sports.

- Kevin Lin -     


brand image

●   The Brand - Vital Salveo                 

SALVEO is a Latin phrase that means”Heal” and “Health”. VITAL SALVEO looks for important meaning in “Life is motion” and our brand is shaped by this value. Health is inseparable from exercise. Wearing appropriate protective equipment is not only safer and more comfortable to prevent sports injury and also improves the physical ability to train.

We own Functional-fiber textile technology and the high-tech demand is the powerful backing of our company. The professional research and design team innovated actively high quality design product which people need.

VITAL SALVEO is designed by the element of energy and exercise. We inject energy element into yarn producing our protective equipment. Using close weave structure to wrap joint enhance muscular endurance; High-tech energy fiber strengthen far infrared resonance and release negative ion. Staying body warm improve blood circulation and metabolism.

"VITAL SALVEO will let you more enjoy exercise and happy, relieve stress and in your best status."