Our story

What are the things that you passions in life?


Have you run a marathon? Have you climb the Mount Fuji? Have you travel to Taiwan?


I love hiking a lot, and believe stay happy and stay healthy are the most important things in life.

Even the work keeps me very busy, but I still go hiking on the weekends, which is my favorite time.

However, there will be some obstacles or physical injuries that keep me away from things that I love to do, which are terrible and pitiful.


Therefore, I work with the professional team to invent many kinds of comfortable protective sleeves. It supports people to continue doing things that they love and to enjoy life.


The only purpose of our brand is to help different kinds of customers to have better sports performance and to have a better life quality.



●   The Brand - Vital Salveo                 

SALVEO spirit in Latin means to heal and to be healthy.

We are dedicating to help people live healthily and comfortably. Encourage and support people doing things that they love and to enjoy life. Your passion, we support!


Vital Salveo provides the most comfortable and professional protective sleeves and braces.

Recovery never quits. Always supports you in an energetic lifestyle.