A: If you would like to wear more compression you could choose the smaller one, if you would like to wear more comfortable you could choose the larger size.

A: Measure the circumference of your thigh 2” above the kneecap(patella).

A: Please pull the top of the knee sleeve and aim the octagon pattern to the kneecap.

Please click here to learn wearing a knee sleeve.

A: You could hand wash gently with mild detergent. Do not bleach, iron, dry clean, use fabric softener. You could tumble dry with normal low heat or line dry.

If you hand wash please use mild detergent and soak 3~5 minutes. Then, use a towel fully covers it to absorb excess water. Please notice that never twist it during this process. Finally, please it on a flat surface in a well-ventilated room.

A: The compression shoulder brace can be wear on the right or left shoulder.


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