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Seamless Diabetic Socks (Short)

Item Style: CS-7501

Color: Light Gray


  • Unconstrained Design  -- Suitable for diabetics, arthritis, edema or people with blood circulation issues.
  • Innovative Fiber  -- Using bamboo charcoal and germanium material to make the physical activity get more energy and prevent bacteria growth to increase foot health. Moisture-wicking and deodorize keep your feet comfortable.
  • Extremely Breathable -- Mesh ventilation on the instep let your feet breathe and dissipate heat.
  • Enhance Performance -- Seamless sock top weaving allows better breathing and assists with blood circulation and heat regulating.


Vital Salveo- Soft Non-binding Seamless Circulation Diabetic Socks- ankle short (1 pair) helps your feet stay in comfort for the whole day.


Including germanium and bamboo charcoal fiber promoting blood circulation, having seamless cuff non-binding feeling.


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