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 Knee injuries are a common problem in Sports around the world. Squatting, Running or any form of exercise that puts excessive pressure on the knees can result in injuries after some time.


Why Are Knee Injuries So Common?


The knee is extremely vulnerable to the injuries as it transmits all the forces between the ground and the body. Unlike hips, that are surrounded by the bones, knees don't have too much support around them. The soft tissue around the knees is responsible for providing all the support.


The knee joint is formed by the articulation between the thigh bone and the shin bone. The kneecap just sits over the knee joint. Unlike a ball and socket joint, such as a hip joint, bones don't fit together in the knee joint. It allows a less restricted movement but it comes at the cost of stability.



Structures that provide support to the knee joints.



- Meniscus


The meniscus is a ring of cartilage in the knee joint that distributes forces across a large area during a physical activity. It also acts as a buffer to prevent any damage due to the bone-to-bone collision.


- Ligaments


Ligaments are the passive structures that provide stability to the joint. They are slightly elastic and prevent the bones from getting displaced.


- Muscles


Besides being responsible for the voluntary movement of the knees, muscles also act as dynamic stabilizers for the knees. That's why it is crucial to understand the correct movement while engaging in any form of exercise. The correct movement should not put any strain on the knee joint, instead, it should provide stability to the knees.



A poor form while exercising, an excessive burden and ignoring the pain in the joint are common reasons why knee injuries are so common.


How To Prevent Knee Injuries & Reduce The Pain?



- Lose Extra Weight


Those extra pounds put an extra stress on your knee joints while you stand, walk or engage in any form of physical activity. Shedding the extra fat will significantly reduce your chances of suffering a knee injury.


- Warm Up Before Exercise


Warming up and stretching your muscles relieves any built up tension on your joints.


- Opt For Low-Impact Exercises


You can opt for a skiing machine or a rowing machine as they don't put any strain on the knees. Outside the gym, you can opt for swimming.


- Don't Increase Or Decrease Your Level Of Activity Suddenly


It is always best to increase or decrease your level of physical activity gradually.


- Wear Proper Shoes


Good shoes will help you maintain a good balance and alignment which will help you in the prevention of knee injuries.


- Massage Your Knees Regularly


If you engage in a strenuous physical activity on a regular basis, massaging can greatly help in reducing the pain and the other symptoms of injury. It helps in relaxing the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.


Massaging improves the blood flow that promotes faster healing. You can use natural oils for massaging like Thyme, Rose, Clove, Mustard or Coconut that have anti-inflammatory properties. Massage can help you get relief from the pain and reduce inflammation in the area.


- Wear Knee Sleeves During A Physical Activity


Whether you go for running, do squats or engage in any form of physical activity that puts a lot of stress on your knee joints, you should consider wearing knee sleeves. They provide an extra stability to your knee joints and distribute the pressure over a large area.



What Are Knee Sleeves?



Knee sleeves are the sleeves that you can wear around your knees to provide extra stability to your knee joints. They are different from regular sleeves as they are made with special materials like germanium fiber and bamboo charcoal.


Before you consider buying a knee sleeve, you should understand the different types of knee sleeves that can help you reduce the pain and prevent any injuries from occurring.



Three Types Of Knee Sleeves For Support & Reduction Of Pain


  1. 3D-Knit Knee Sleeve S-Support


This knee sleeve is ideal for daily wear and Sports activities as they have a breathable weaving and they don't interfere with the movements. It can also improve the oxygen delivery to your knees as they are charged with negative ions.


If you need to wear the sleeves for long durations such as running, cycling or training for some Sports, these knee sleeves are ideal for that purpose.


  1. 3D-Knit Knee Sleeve Train Tec S-Pro


You can wear these sleeves while engaging in intense physical exercise sessions, such as squatting or sprinting. They also have an added pressure gel that massages the surrounding area and prevent light collisions.


The high tension fiber strings stabilize the kneecaps and allow you to engage in a strenuous physical activity without putting extra strain on your knee-joints.


  1. 7.5" Adjustable-Strengthen Open Patella


These knee sleeves have an open patella design with added pressure gel. If you are already suffering from knee problems, you can wear them while exercising.


The neoprene provides great breathability and you can wear them all day while playing Sports like Basketball, Football, Tennis or when you go for hiking, biking, running, etc.


Final Words


Knee-joints are vulnerable to injuries as they don't have a ball and socket design like hip joints. It allows free movement but it comes at the cost of stability. You can provide extra stability to the knee joints by wearing the knee sleeves as they are designed for that purpose. They can significantly reduce the chances of injury and also let you exercise comfortably.


Make sure that you use the correct form while exercising, warm up and stretch your muscles before working out. It is important to wear proper shoes for the proper alignment and shed extra pounds to reduce the burden on your knees. Whether you are suffering from any knee problems already or want to prevent any injuries to occur, wearing knee sleeves is highly advisable as they provide an extra support to your knee-joints they need while you exercise.


Written by: atulnarang88

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