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There were many people suffering from knee arthritis but most people do not how to take care of their knees and why they have to suffer arthritis. This article will address what is knee arthritis and who might have a high risk to deal with it.

Are you still suffering from knee arthritis?

Knee arthritis is a very serious illness that can have very huge impacts on your health. It is not a rare occurrence that can happen to anybody. Regular checkups to the doctor, whenever you feel pain around the knees, can be a good way to know if you are affected. If you're still not a way of the effects of this disease, then this article will help you out as it's going to knee arthritis, what kind of people it highly affects, how to protect your knee from arthritis and finally how to prevent knee arthritis.

What is knee arthritis

You need to know that, knee arthritis is associated with the inflammation, stiffness and even swelling of the joints. It is much dangerous for this kind of illness to affect your joints because it will make your daily activities to delay since it will affect out your movement.

You need to know that any knee arthritis has got no cure, but instead medical specialist only gives out medicines to reduce pain and keep you more active. 

elderly knee pain


What kind of people will have knee arthritis? Why they have it?


Older people

As you grow older, you have higher chances of getting knee arthritis. This is because the cartilage which is needed to prevent or even heal the occurrence of knee arthritis decreases. Hence your body finds it hard to prevent arthritis.

Overweight people

Overweight people have higher chances of getting affected by knee arthritis. Heavyweight increases pressure on the lower abdomen which makes it hard for the knee joints to withstand the pressure from your body. This will affect your joints hence result in the occurrence of knee arthritis.


Women aged about 55 years are highly affected by knee arthritis. At this age, women become lazy and do not exercise. They prefer sitting at home and doing light duties which expose them to risks of getting knee arthritis. Their joints especially knee to become weaker hence causing knee arthritis.


Athletes that play various games that involve too much running including tennis, soccer, long-distance Marathon, etc. have higher risks when it comes to knee arthritis development. However, you don't have to worry if you're an at least since you can do friendly exercises to reduce your chances of injuring your knees and suffering from arthritis. You should follow your instructor's guidelines and avoid straining your knee joints.

Other causes of knee arthritis include repetitive stress injuries. People with jobs which require a lot of squatting, kneeling down and even lifting heavy weight are likely to develop knee arthritis. This is due to the constant pressure they withstand on their joints.
People who suffer from other illness like rheumatoid arthritis have a high chance to get knee arthritis. Their metabolic reactions produce excess hormone growth. This result into to development of knee arthritis.

How to protect your knee from arthritis?

  • Do regular exercise

It is very important for you to get used to the many available forms of exercises. You may decide to take a regular walk around your neighborhood or spend some cash to get a qualified fitness trainer at the gym. You need to follow the instructions from the instructors so that you make appropriate exercises on a regular basis. This will make your knee to relax and get stronger. Thus you will not get any occurrence of knee arthritis.

  • Wear a comfortable knee brace for arthritis

It is essential for you to wear a well-fitting knee brace for arthritis to protect your knee joint. Our 3D Knee Sleeve/Brace S-SUPPORT is a great option with several features that will suit you perfectly. It is designed to provide warmth while protecting your knee. It also ideal for regular sports activities which keep your knee stronger and can withstand a long hour activity. The fiber material is suitable for any form of exercise and will help you perform better and reduce the chances of knee problems.
With a good knee brace, you will feel relaxed, and any form of vigorous activity will not weigh your knee joints down. Therefore, you need to have a knee brace for arthritis so that it safeguards you from any chances of suffering from knee arthritis.

  • Don't rest for too long

Too much relaxing and resting can make your muscles to become weaker. This will result in joint pain. You need to involve yourself in several activities which will make your joints active. You can seek more exercise guidelines from a well-qualified physician who will help you finger out the kind of exercises and activities suitable for stronger knee joints.

  • Always maintain good body weight

It is fortunate that you should always be on the spot about your body weight. People with obese overweight tend to have weaker knees since the joints cannot withstand the heaviness of their body. Therefore, you need to maintain a good overall body weight. This will keep you off from knee problems like arthritis.

  • You need to apply "RICE."

It is very important for you to apply Rest, ice, compression and elevation (RICE). You need to have adequate rest to your joints. This will prevent inflammation and swelling. When it is in this condition, it is advisable to compress it with a good bandage. This will enable you to have a strong, flexible knee free from any discomforts associated with weak joints such as arthritis.

  • You need to put on well-fitting shoes

Buying well-fitting shoes with cushioned innersoles are important. They are more comfortable; hence you will not feel any inconvenience when you wear them. You can do more research to get better innersoles which make you feel more comfortable in the shoes your shoes and protect you from arthritis.


How to prevent arthritis of the knee?


You need to control your blood sugar level

It is important to note that, knee arthritis develops as a result of high glucose level which speeds up the formation of unnecessary molecules in the joints. These molecules cause cartilage stiffness and inflammation. Therefore, it is essential for you to regulate the glucose level in your body to prevent the formation of production of these molecules.

Schedule rest in your exercise program

Exercises are said to help to prevent knee arthritis in a very high percentage, but it is also important for your muscles to rest. This is because excess exercises without rest result in less relaxation of the muscles. This will develop knee problems. Therefore, you need to have a break after you have done enough exercises. This break will help the injured joints to heal and highly prevent the occurrence of knee arthritis.

Maintain a well-balanced body weight

Excess weight is the major cause of knee arthritis; your joints fail to withstand your heavyweight. This result in pressure in your joints. You should, therefore, avoid a lifestyle that can result in you being overweight and maintain regular exercises to burn fat.

Avoid severe injuries

You need to know that knee fractures always leads to the formation of knee arthritis. When you take a stick walk, it will make your knee to become weaker. You will have no time to make them strong. It is, therefore, important to visit a doctor when you suffer any knee fractures. Visit a doctor for checkup and medication before it becomes serious. This will make you heal faster since the doctor will provide you with more instructions to guide you on what activities you should avoid.

Involve yourself in recommended physical activities

Physical activity is the best medicine for knee arthritis; you need to seek more guidelines from well-qualified instructors how to go about it. Physical activities are good for the knee functions since it make them very strong. It also helps to maintain your body weight. This reduces the chances of knee arthritis. Therefore, you need to go vigorous physical activities to reduce chances of getting affected by knee arthritis. You should follow the recommended exercises only to avoid more strain or injuries.

Regulate your diet

Diet regulation is essential to prevent knee arthritis. There are certain food nutrients which are important for your body as they reduce the chances of getting the disease. These nutrients include

Omega-3 fatty acids

These omega-3 contain healthy fats which reduce the chances of inflammation; you need to source for these healthy acids from vegetable oils, castor oil, coconut oil, and even fish oils.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D supplements reduce knee pain in people who are already suffering from knee arthritis. Therefore, you need to get more vitamin D to prevent you from to suffer from knee arthritis and take them in plenty if you already have arthritis to reduce pain. You can source for vitamin D from sunlight, fatty fish like Salmon and even simple diet like milk and eggs.



Knee arthritis is a serious health condition that you should prevent or address as soon as possible.

From the above information, it is obvious that the most common causes of knee arthritis are poor lifestyles such as lack of exercise and poor eating habits that can result in being overweight. You should do all it takes to curb these behaviors and stay healthy even as you get older. Regular visits to the doctor before the condition gets worse is also a good remedy.


Written by: jimbuthia

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