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Innovative Fiber


Special ore fiber

We use high technology to extract a unique element from ore. It is a semiconductor metalloid in the carbon group. We even add bamboo charcoal with it to create better energy into our product. It can enhance our body health by releasing far infrared and negative ion. Far infrared can pass through subcutaneous tissues to enhance your body temperature so it can boost blood circulation to speed up metabolism of body cells. Negative ion energy is also called "Airborne Vitamins." When it is microparticle molecule, it can neutralize ambient pressure and the acidification of negative ions to coordinate body. Finally, bamboo charcoal can reduce to have a better environment for your body health. Causing positive adjustments, increasing brain power and activity and make work effectiveness. Bringing comfortable relaxation and calming emotions, aiming at the promotion of health.


 special ore


3D weaving technology

3D (Three Dimensional fabrics) is textile materials which have a third dimension in their thickness layer. This kind of weaving will more suitable for human’s body shape, and more breathable. Furthermore, based on humans body, it has graduated compression, gives your body has different compression on each part. This will improve your circulation and recovery fast.

We use these combinations to create our difference than others. Therefore, our products are all comfortable, easy to wear, and most importantly, our products will support you whether you are doing sports or have a better life quality.