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3D Knit Knee Sleeve/Brace S PRO

Item Style: CJ-5415

Color: Light Grey


  • Professional Design -- Provides excellent compression support, especially for knee support. 
  • Ideal for Sports and Daily Wear -- Created with 3D breathable weaving, comfortable, durable, and breathable, allows you wearing for long hours. This knee sleeve unlike the others, it adds gel pad to support you when you on the sports field. 
    • Innovative Fiber -- Using germanium and bamboo charcoal material will release far infrared and negative ions, it makes you have better performance on any physical activity.

    • Specific Design -- Extra pressure relief gel pad to prevent some light or mild collisions, massage surrounding area, stabilize the kneecap and reduce wear issue. High tension fiber strings on both sides to provide better fitting and prevent slips.


    Vital Salveo designed Germanium+Bamboo Charcoal Knee Sleeve/brace S Pro suitable for sport and casual. Including gel pad to stabilize knee support and protect athlete for short-term sprints.
    Bamboo charcoal and germanium fiber release far infrared, prevent soreness and discomfort.

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