Vital Salveo has been ranked #7 by Ezvid Wiki in 2018’s Best Texting Gloves

Vital Salveo has been ranked #7 by Ezvid Wiki in 2018’s Best Texting Gloves

Vital Salveo was most pleased to announce that our fingerless recovery gloves had been ranked #7 by Ezvid Wiki in 2018 Top Ten Best Texting Gloves.

Our recovery gloves were different than others. A little tight than others because we have a mild compression to stabilize the muscle and decreasing the swelling of muscle and joints. Especially suite for arthritis and other joint pain. Most importantly, we have special material to relife pain, which was the germanium and bamboo charcoal to make the physical activity get more energy. 

You even can wear it for a long time, the moisture-wicking and deodorize will keep your hand comfortable.


On the other hand, the Ezvid Wiki find our products qualified so we were a delight to share the news with you.

Ezvid Wiki was founded in 2011 and has top 3,000 websites in the United States. Moreover, they have over 300,000 of subscribers on YouTube Channel. So, there were hundreds of millions of users rely on their useful and unbiased information. This is because the team of Ezvid Wiki had spent at least 46 hours of research to collect all the information and analysis what is the best products for most people. Most importantly is a free-to-use source of thoroughly researched and authoritative information. Thus, many people put their trust on Ezvid Wiki. On the other hand, Ezvid Wiki trusts our products so we were very delightful to share this news with you, and very appreciate your support. If you are interested in more information please check the following website:

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