Should I wear elbow sleeve for weightlifting at the gym?

Should I wear elbow sleeve for weightlifting at the gym?

Elbow Sleeves

Before digging our feet deep into elbow sleeves, we must be aware of what exactly are elbow sleeves. Compression sleeves, well known as elbow sleeves, are the tight fitting garment that is worn by people who stand a lot or who have poor circulation issues. Elbow sleeves have been in use for about more than 60 years. They were initially discovered to cure problems related to blood vessel disorders. With the passage of time, it became known that elbow sleeves lower blood lactate level and blood pooling, both of which contribute to pain and swelling.


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Elbow issues

Today, we see that the majority of the athletes wear it as a safety gear. Whether it is a basketball court, a cricket field or, a volleyball ground, players wearing elbow sleeves can be seen. Powerlifting and weightlifting participants also wear elbow sleeves. They help boost the player’s game. Any kind of muscle stretch during weightlifting can be avoided or cured using elbow sleeves.


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It protects the players from the various injuries that may occur on the field or court. Poor circulation due to a previous injury can be overcome wearing elbow sleeves as it improves blood flow. The athletes wear them in an urge to fasten the healing process. They can’t solely recover the healing time but also prevent the player from getting injured at the same place.

Apart from these advantages, the elbow sleeves have also become a style statement. Along with the benefit of providing compression function, many players carry these gears as a fashion symbol that adds to their confidence.


Types of elbow sleeves


The elbow sleeves come in two types of daytime elbow sleeves and nighttime elbow sleeves. Both the kinds come in real time version and customized version. The real-time version consists of the sizes that are normally available in the market while the custom version consists of the size specially made for your elbow depending upon your size.


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Daytime sleeves- this type comes to ensure proper compression and soft fabric. They are designed in a way so that they can be worn during sports activity or gym activity.


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Night time sleeves- they are specially made for the night purpose so that one can comfortably sleep during the night even while wearing it. It is recommended by doctors in case the person is suffering from arthritis or any pain.

Advantages of wearing elbow sleeves


After looking at what elbow sleeves are, what is its need and what is its type, let us now head towards the advantages of wearing one.

The use of elbow sleeves is not confined only to high-level athletes. It can be seen carried by a marathoner or even a simple fitness oriented person going to the gym also wears one. Wearing elbow sleeves has many advantages. Some of them are listed below-


  • Proper circulation

The first and foremost reason that makes elbow sleeves a necessity is that they improve blood circulation. Poor blood circulation can result in inflammation and swelling. A compression sleeve squeezes the blood vessels and improves blood circulation in that particular area, which in turn prevents swelling of the injury. This helps the athlete to maintain their game. In case of the gym also, if ligament stretch occurs during weight lifting it can be very well compressed using elbow sleeves.

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  • Protection

During a game or in a gym, even little scratches and bumps become a huge problem. While work out getting a scratch from gym equipment is common. Even on field or court, scratches from falling down or due to harsh contact with the player are common. The elbow sleeves act as a mini shield for the player. They protect the skin of the player in getting in contact with the obstacles, not letting the damage happen. They even prevent the skin from getting in direct contact with the sun.

  • Body temperature

Game of an on-field player may be affected by the weather. One can never be sure of the weather in which the game will be played. It may be a cold chilling day or a warm sunny day or a snowy weather. In every situation having a gear to maintain the body temperature can be a boon. Elbow sleeves are one such gear that maintains moderate body temperature, no matter what weather is it outside. It helps in not affecting the player’s game.

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Elbow issues

  • Recovery

The vital use of elbow muscles comes into force by the faster recovery process that it provides. Apart from seeing that the injury does not reoccur, elbow muscles ensure the faster flow of blood to the injured area. This, in turn, reduces the swelling, enabling faster recovery. Weightlifters and athletes prefer wearing the elbow sleeve to ensure faster recovery.


  • Prevents muscle soreness

Soreness can be thought of like the pain and stiffness that occurs in the muscles after exercise. It is mostly seen in athletes or gym going people.

They suffer from soreness and quick healing to the problem is required. An elbow-sleeve prevents the muscle soreness to occur, by loosening the muscles.

Risks of elbow sleeves


Every coin has two sides, along with the pros there are cons also associated with the product. Though the disadvantages are not much, there is a school of thought that its improper use can be risky.

Excessive use of the product can be dangerous as it may impact the blood circulation. Unless recommended by a doctor elbow sleeves must not be worn for a very long duration, especially during night time and while traveling.


wear elbow sleeve while weightlifting

Problems during weightlifting


Weightlifting is a single word that has three main parts to it. It can be Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting or weight training. In general terms, it is thought as the exercise in which weights are lifted. It is among the common exercises that are done at the gym. It strengthens one's muscles. But it is required that like any other exercise it is done in the right way. Over lifting of weights or lifting in a wrong way can cause various problems.


  • It’s some time that in the desire to lose weight quickly we over train ourselves. It should be kept in mind that overtraining is not the key for fitness, rather smart training is. Overexertion can cause strain in the muscle especially during, squat and deadlift.


  • The proper amount of weights must be lifted that are suitable for us. Weights must be increased only on the proper recommendation by experts and that too slowly. Overweights can lead to ligament stretch resulting in zero exercise.
  • Maintaining a proper technique while weightlifting is necessary. The way body movement should happen or the way lifting process can be done needs to be monitored properly.
  • Zero technique can cause muscle stretch or injuries like bone fracture can also occur. In case of a severe damage what one can be left with is a broken bone.

Immediate Prevention From Harm During Weightlifting

Ligament stretch or muscle harm are common while weight lifting. One must be aware of the necessary steps that need to be taken to prevent the harm from increasing.

If a situation arises where one becomes the prey of the wrong weightlifting, he/she should immediately take certain steps to relieve that pain or soreness. This gives immediate healing to the wound and prevents it to grow further.

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Elbow injury

  • One must apply an ice pack immediately in case of an acute injury. It boosts the blood circulation.
  • We can do slow muscle stretching or take a message. Stretching your muscles the right way can relieve the pain. Even getting a proper massage from a specialist can be an add-on.
  • Take a warm bath- one can go for a warm bath. Applying warm water on the area can increase blood circulation in the injured part, resulting in decreasing the swelling.

If still things do not go well, or the injury is a major one, it is always recommended to consult a doctor.




Elbow Sleeves During Weightlifting


To prevent the misfortune to happen during weightlifting, it is recommended to wear elbow sleeves or compression sleeves during weightlifting. During weightlifting, the entire strain is on the elbow muscle. So an elbow sleeve can help take the strain without damaging the ligaments. It keeps a high pressure close to the wrist joint and applies a lower pressure close to the striated muscle.


This helps to squeeze the muscle at the elbow and prevent any kind of damage from occurring.


Sometimes even when we are doing work out with proper technique a sudden jerk may cause ligament stretch. This may lead to swelling in the injured area. But if are well equipped with the elbow sleeve, it prevents us from the damage by maintaining proper compression.


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Elbow Sleeve for weightlifting


At times when a previous injury has just healed, and we have started with the work out again, the elbow sleeve can prove to be a boon and helps prevent the injury to reoccur.

An elbow sleeve protects us from the minute bumps or scratches that can occur during weightlifting at the gym. A gym lover can’t leave the gym so easily he will be eager to start with his weightlifting despite any injury. So elbow sleeve ensures faster recovery of the injury by increasing blood circulation.

It is worn by weightlifters during the game like the Olympics also. More the weight, more are the chances that any kind of injury can occur. From casual fitness enthusiast at the gym to high-level weightlifters at the Olympics elbow sleeves are a must for everyone.


What To Look For While Buying Elbow Sleeves


An elbow sleeve comes in a variety of quality. But it is recommended to buy elbow sleeves of best quality as a low-quality one may not stick to its purpose. There are certain factors that need to be looked upon while buying an elbow sleeve.

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  • Fit

While buying elbow sleeve we must take into consideration the size of the product. It should fit you perfectly. A tight-fitting elbow sleeve can restrict the movement, while a loose one will not provide proper compression.

  • Material

The material of the elbow sleeve must be a very comfortable one. The fabric should be breathable so that it can be worn for a longer duration. It must be a sweat-free fabric to avoid hindrance in your exercise.

  • Construction

They should come in the best possible construction. The 3-dimensional knitting technique must be used to add texture to the fabric and adding to its breathability.

  • Color

Although selecting a color is one’s own choice but dark or dull colors are more preferred in elbow sleeves. This makes them look less dirty.

Our Products

What needs to be taken care of while buying elbow sleeves is the quality of the product. It should be of high-quality fabric that provides the elbow with the best of grip.


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Bamboo Charcoal and Germanium Elbow Sleeve (1PC)


We provide the user with a versatile range of elbow sleeves that can be used in the gym by weightlifters. They increase the performance and provide relief from the pain. Below is a review to our bamboo charcoal and germanium elbow sleeve.


  • It is a one piece product that comes in light gray color.
  • It comes in varying sizes ranging from small (S) to XXL.
  • It is comprised of an innovative fiber that is made of germanium and charcoal to enhance the physical activity. Its moisture-wicking capability keeps the elbow comfortable.
  • It is made of Italian 3D weaving technique that makes it more durable. It has breathable fabric.
  • The compression offered by the product stimulates the elbow and increases blood circulation.
  • It can be very well used during any field or court game and even during exercise.
  • It is an everyday wearable product that can be enabled joint recovery, arthritis, and soreness. It is highly elastic and is light in weight.

What we offer is quality over quantity. We cover all sector of the society and our products come at a minimal price range. The high-quality fabric used by us provides the user with utmost comfort. We have the most widely available choices that come in the varying price range.

So, to sum up, we would say that elbow sleeves are not only a fashion trend that will boost your confidence and style. They are a must for a person who is much into standing or exercising. They enhance the blood circulation keeping the body more active and cures the injury to the fastest possible.


Written by: AndrewGNW

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