How to Choose The Best Knee Brace Supports?

How to Choose The Best Knee Brace Supports?

Nowadays, people are focusing on exercise to expand and increase life quality. People often go jogging, hiking, running or riding a bike during the weekends or after work. However, there were many injuries while we exercise due to a lack of information about preventing and protecting. Moreover, aging will accelerate knee joint degeneration, osteoporosis, and other issues. Therefore, wearing knee sleeves may become your best option while your doing exercise or in your daily life. However, there were many different kinds of a knee sleeve or knee brace on the market, which gives it difficult to choose the right one for ourselves. Therefore, this article will illustrate the different kinds of knee sleeves or knee braces and knee pads, and to discuss each function of it.

There were several knee sleeves/braces on the market: 1. Adjustable knee brace 2. Knee sleeve 3. Knee pads (which wrap around your knee). All of these knee brace/sleeve/pad, with different designs for different functions. We will be based on these kinds of knee brace/sleeve/pad to discuss.

3D Knit Knee Sleeve/Brace S PRO

Different kinds of knee brace

  1. Adjustable knee brace

This type of knee sleeve can be stable on your knee and have adjustable straps on both sides to control the compression. It also adds a gel pad around your kneecap, so it could have more pressure around the area. It uses very breathable neoprene, allow you to wear it for a longer time.

(Vital Salveo 7.5 adjustable knee brace)


2. Knee sleeve

There were 5 types of knee sleeves, and 4 of them are based on (Vital Salveo- D Knit Knee Sleeve/Brace S-SUPPORT) to make different purposes.

A. Cylinder-covered knee sleeve with support

It uses 2 high tension fiber strings on both sides to provide better fitting and prevent slips. Using special ore fiber and bamboo charcoal material will release far infrared and negative ions, it makes you have better performance on any physical activity. Suitable for arthritis, joint pain relief, injury recovery. The knee sleeves can support kneecap and reduce pressure and relieves pain.

(Vital Salveo- D Knit Knee Sleeve/Brace S-SUPPORT)


B. Cylinder-covered knee sleeve Without support

It does not have 2 high tension fiber strings on both sides, so you can move your knee without any limitation. It feels less pressure and comfort. It also can relieve muscle stiffness, soreness and keep warm. Most importantly, you can stretch without any limitations.


C. Cylinder-covered knee sleeve be thicker and warmer

It just like the (Vital Salveo- D Knit Knee Sleeve/Brace S-SUPPORT) but adds one more loop layer inside to keep your knee warm in the cold weather. It also can relieve pain, muscle stiffness, soreness from sports injuries.


D. Cylinder-covered knee sleeve with a gel pad

Adding a gel pad will be more stable to the knee joint and patella. It is suitable for weight training or more intense exercise. Furthermore, it can avoid the angle damage caused by the joint rotation while you doing sports.

compression knee sleeve

E. Cylinder-covered knee sleeve with MORE compression and a gel pad

It is very similar to 3D Knit Knee Sleeve/Brace S PRO, but 3D Knit Knee Sleeve/Brace Train-Tec S PRO(PRESSURE PAD) has better compression. For people who are looking for stronger compression while they are doing sports.

(with a gel pad and high compression)



  1. Wraparound braces

It is focusing on people who exercise frequently, such as badminton, cycling player, long-distance running, that they use knee the most. Therefore, the wraparound braces will stable the knee; reduce the pull caused by tendons when exercising for a long time and provide the tendon to rest. It is also suited for patients who suffer from Patella Tendinitis.

Furthermore, the fiber, weaving technology and tactile will all affect the way you feel it, especially for most of the people will have to wear them in a long time. Therefore, most people will try many different kinds of brands and products just searching for the one which fits them the most. This article we provide just would like you to have a better way to approach the one fit you the most, and give you a general idea about knee sleeve or knee brace. In addition,

Knee joints play an important role in our body. We always use them in daily life or during exercise, and more, but we seldom take good care of your knee. If you really care about yourself, you will know you should spend more time to prevent injury in the state of spending more money on medical supplies. There will be listing a few points that also important when you choose a knee sleeve/brace.

    1. Composition

The composition of knee brace will affect your recovery speed. Some brands will emphasize that they have Copper inside their knee brace, but Vital Salveo has germanium and bamboo charcoal which provide better recovery speed. It can release far infrared and negative ions to increase circulation, which gives you a better performance on physical activity.



    1. Breathability

We need to check its’ breathability, due to the direct contact between knee sleeves and skin, good breathability can lower the rate of inflammation or allergy. Some people even have to share their experience when they have the one which suits them the most. They said it was very comfortable and it felt like a second skin. So it is very important that the knee sleeve/brace should be breathable.


    1. Compression

When the knees get hurt, it will induce knee swelling, well compression knee sleeves can relieve the knee swelling. It will also provide restriction to knee-joint activity and accelerate the recovery. Also, the high tension-compression will support the muscle around your knee.


    1. Support

If you have knee Ligament Injuries, you will need to knee sleeves/brace to provide good support. Some knee sleeves even have different designs to provide a different levels of support. The 3D Knit Knee Sleeve/Brace S-SUPPORT has high tension fiber strings on both sides to provide better fitting and prevent slips. It also provides a little support for your knee.


    1. Warmth Retention

In cold weather zone, it is easier to get knee coldness when the knee is hurt or in inflammation, therefore, it’s important to keep it warm. Knee sleeves with good warmth retention property can prevent knee coldness effectively. Moreover, the 3D Knit Knee Sleeve/Brace S-SUPPORT is mostly made of cotton, which will keep your knee more warmer than others. Especially, for people suffering from arthritis will need to keep their knee warm. If you were interested in more information with arthritis. Please check this article : (Are you still suffering from knee arthritis? Wearing knee brace could help arthritis?)


Most importantly, seek doctors before you purchase any kind of knee sleeves because they know your condition better than the seller. You may be based on your doctor 's advice and seek the knee brace to fit your needs. If you have any questions about the knee brace, you can just reach them, and they will be very pleased to answer. This will prevent making further mistakes to have secondary injuries.

On the other hand, if you only have slightly uncomfortable with your knee you may be based on your needs to choose the functions to fit your needs.


When should I renew the knee brace?

In general, at least one or two years will need to renew knee sleeve, to make sure the products still functional. If it is for professional needs, they will use knee brace more often and more instance, so they will need to renew in a shorter time.

Finally, you may have ideas to choose the right knee brace or knee brace for yourself or your friends and parents. The function, the style, color, and most important of all, the price of it. All these standards will affect you before you buy a knee brace. Try different kinds of knee sleeve, and you may know what kinds of knee sleeve will fit you the most.

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