Benefits of Knee Braces and Gloves for Arthritis Hands

Benefits of Knee Braces and Gloves for Arthritis Hands

Benefits of Knee Braces and Gloves

Arthritis or joint inflammation is a condition which causes joint pain and inflammation. This is a common condition which seems to progress and worsen with age. There are different types of arthritis.

Each type of arthritis has a different cause which includes wear and tear, underlying diseases and infections. The disease may be controlled using a proper diet and knee brace for arthritis. Gloves for arthritis hands can also be worn to relieve arthritis pain and symptoms.


Types of arthritis

The two most common types of arthritis are:

  1. Osteoarthritis (OA)
  2. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)


Usually, arthritis develops overtime although at times the symptoms can appear suddenly. Arthritis mostly affects adults who are above 65 years but children and young adults are also at a risk of suffering from arthritis. More women are at a risk of suffering from arthritis compared to men. People who are overweight are also at a higher risk of suffering from the condition.


Rheumatoid arthritis causes more than joint pain and inflammation throughout the whole body. This is because rheumatoid arthritis is a systemic disease. The condition may even affect major body organs thus shortening your lifespan if left untreated.

The following are the effects of arthritis on the full body:


- Chest pain – Prolonged inflammation may damage your lungs which in turn may cause chest pain.

- Difficulty breathing – Inflammation can spread to lungs which may cause difficulty in breathing, wheezing or coughing.

- Shoulder pain – Arthritis may cause acute shoulder and neck pain. It may cause limitation in movement in the neck and shoulders.

- Knee weakness – Arthritis may cause knee weakness, pain, and swelling. This may be more noticeable in the morning or after standing up.

arthritis on knee

- Wrist numbness – Arthritis inflammation may cause the joints around your wrists to swell making the wrists numb. The wrists may even be squeaky when you try to move them a little.

- Dry eyes – RA may cause your eyes to be dry which exposes them to further infections. The condition may also make the eyes feel like they have sand.

- Patchy mouth – An extremely dry mouth resulting from arthritis may make eating or swallowing hard. It may also lead to gum infections, cavities, and other mouth infections.

- Bumpy skin – If left untreated for long, arthritis may cause skin rashes and ulcers on the arms and legs.


Rheumatoid arthritis may also affect the hands and feet. It can also cause pain which may hamper movement. If left untreated the condition may lead to a weakening of joints and tendons, distortion of fingers and joints, locking joints and muscle cramps among many other complications.


These effects on the hands and feet may make normal activities like writing, holding objects or walking difficult. Wearing knee braces for arthritis and gloves for arthritis hands when combined with occupational therapy may help relieve the effects of arthritis. 


What causes arthritis?


There are several causes of arthritis but the most common causes include the following:


  1. Normal wear and tear are believed to cause osteoarthritis.


  1. A reduction in the amount of cartilage produced by the body. Cartilage is very helpful since it absorbs the shock and pressure exerted in joints. Reduction in cartilage production may cause arthritis.


  1. Family history. People whose families have a history of arthritis are at a higher risk of suffering from arthritis.


  1. An infection or injury to the joints may also cause arthritis.


Symptoms of arthritis


The symptoms may vary depending on the type of arthritis but the following are the most common symptoms of arthritis:


- Joint pain,

- Joint swelling and stiffness,

- Fatigue,

- Morning stiffness,

- Fever,

- Nerve tingling and numbness,

- Weight loss,

- Bumpy skin,

- Patchy mouth,

- Dry eyes,

- Loss of appetite,

- Difficulty in breathing,

- Joint inflammation,

- Chest pain.

 arthritis on knee

Effects of arthritis on daily activities


In the United States alone approximately 17 million people have activity limitations which have been attributed to arthritis. With close to six million people reporting that they suffer from joint pain and difficulty in walking which has affected their daily lives. This only goes to show the effects of arthritis on the daily lives of people suffering from arthritis.


The effects of arthritis on daily activities include the following:


- Mobility – People suffering from arthritis usually have limited mobility. Activities like walking, climbing stairs, and kneeling may seem troublesome to people with arthritis. However, with medications, surgery, therapy and using mobility aiders like knee braces for arthritis, walking canes and walkers, mobility can be improved.


- Hygiene and good grooming – It might get difficult for people suffering from arthritis to perform simple tasks like getting to the shower or bathtub. It might not be too easy for a person with arthritis to take a bath or dry themselves properly without the use of assistive devices.


Simple tasks such as combing hair or trimming beards can be very painful for people with arthritis. This is because arthritis causes neck, wrist, elbow, neck and shoulder pain and stiffness.


- Eating – A normal task like eating can be quite tiresome for a person suffering from arthritis. Lifting a spoon or fork can be quite a challenge. Another issue is that arthritis may cause a dry mouth which makes eating and swallowing food a difficulty.


- Socialization – The pain and discomfort caused by arthritis might be too much stopping some arthritis patients from attending social events. This might lead to isolation and loneliness which might cause depression to set in.


- Ability to grip things – People with arthritis might experience difficulty in gripping things like doorknobs, cups, pens etc. This hinders their daily activities like feeding, writing, getting out of a room etc. It may also be cumbersome for arthritis patients to reach or pick objects since that have limited mobility range.


- Housework and cleaning – A person suffering from arthritis may experience difficulties or be unable to perform simple tasks like house cleaning or cooking. Vacuuming, mopping or simple sweeping can aggravate joint pain and swelling. This might tend to be frustrating to people who have been used to doing their cleaning and housework..


How to deal with arthritis


Arthritis pain and symptoms can be managed using painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications. Since some of the medications have side effects, natural remedies may be sought.

Always remember to consult your doctor before trying out any of the following natural remedies:


  1. Losing weight

It is important to lose extra weight if you are suffering from arthritis. This is because the extra weight adds more pressure on the joints making the joints even more painful. Losing weight may reduce joint pain, prevent further joint damage and even increase mobility.

 lose weight

  1. Exercising more

Exercise has many benefits for a person suffering from arthritis. Apart from weight loss, regular exercise will help make the joints and muscles more flexible. Low-impact exercise should be recommended since weight bearing exercise like running may damage the joints further.



  1. Using knee braces

Knee osteoarthritis is one of the most common types of arthritis; knee brace for arthritis may come in handy to relieve symptoms and pain associated with arthritis. Several types of knee braces may be used to aid mobility and reduce knee pain.


A sleeve brace can be pulled over the knee and it has a low profile thus it can be worn under other clothes.


  1. Including turmeric in meals

Turmeric contains curcumin which is a chemical that helps reduces arthritis pain and inflammation. This is because it contains anti-inflammatory properties.


  1. Massage

Regular massage can help reduce arthritis pain. A massage can also help reduce stiffness and also improve mobility. An experienced massage therapist can come in handy in helping relieving joint pain and inflammation.



  1. Using a hot and cold therapy

A simple cold and hot therapy can be very helpful in reducing arthritis joint pain and inflammation. Taking a long and warm bath in the morning can relieve joint stiffness. A heating pad or an electric blanket can be used at night to prevent joint pain and stiffness.


Cold therapy can be used to relieve joint inflammation, pain and stiffness.


  1. Eating foods rich in fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are very helpful in managing arthritis. Eating foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids can be used to relieve joint pain and inflammation. Gamma linolenic acid which is found in the seeds of some plants like hemp, primrose and black currants can also be used to reduce joint pain and stiffness.

 gloves for arthritis

Fingerless Recovery Gloves - For Men and Women

  1. Using gloves for arthritis hands

Arthritis gloves can be worn to offer compression and create body heat. This can help in relieving wrist inflammation and pain.


Benefits of wearing knee brace and gloves for arthritis


There are several benefits that arthritis patients can get from wearing a knee brace for arthritis and gloves for arthritis hands. Some of the benefits include the following:


- Reduced swelling – Wearing braces and gloves for arthritis hands offer compression which in turn reduces swelling. Using compression gloves can be used to reduce finger swelling.


- Increased stability – The use of a knee brace shifts weight from the damaged area of the joint. This helps reduce joint pain and stiffness.


- Reduced pressure – A brace can be used to reduce pressure and pain on a weakened joint. Apart from reducing pressure, a knee brace also reduces the discomfort caused by arthritis.


- Increased confidence – You can have increased confidence to go about your daily activities knowing that you have extra support.


- Improved gripping – The use of gloves for arthritis hands can help improve gripping. Compression gloves ensure that you are able to grip better. Wearing compression gloves overnight can reduce joint pain.


Vital Salveo provides a number of knee brace for arthritis to suit different situations. Knee brace can be used to relieve arthritis pain, swelling and discomfort. Some of our products for arthritis are:


 knee sleeve

3D Knit Knee Sleeve/Brace S-SUPPORT


3D Knit Knee-sleeve

This knee brace has the following features:


  1. Professional design

This knee sleeve offers maximum compression and warmth which can help reduce joint pain and swelling.


  1. Specific design

It is designed in a unique way which ensures that your knees are warm. The design also prevents slipping and offers a better fitting. This is because it has an internal loop knit design.


  1. Innovative fiber

These knee sleeves have been manufactured using bamboo charcoal and germanium. This helps in making the material to have more energy. This feature releases negative ions and far infrared which can help improve endurance and performance. The far infrared also helps reduce and prevent soreness.


  1. Ideal for sporting activities and daily wear

A breathable, durable and comfortable material has been used to manufacture this knee sleeve. This ensures that the knee sleeve can be worn for long without causing discomfort.

The material also does not restrict a range of motion like hard knee braces thus it can be worn in the office or during sports activities.


Fingerless Recovery Gloves - For Men and Women

Fingerless recovery gloves


The Vital Salveo recovery gloves are available for both men and women. The fact that they are fingerless makes them easy and comfortable to use at the office or operating a smartphone.

Elastic fabric has been used to make these gloves. The elastic fabric is ideal for outdoor wear.



The following are some of the features of the fingerless recovery gloves:


  1. High performance

 The gloves offer the one wearing it with comfort. This is because it is made using a soft warm fabric. It is also lightweight thus it can be worn all day comfortably.


  1. Innovative fiber

The fingerless gloves are manufactured using bamboo charcoal material and germanium. These two fibers release far infrared which reduces fatigue and improve performance. The infrared also improves blood flow. It has moisture deodorize which keeps your fingers comfortable.


  1. Ideal for everyday wear

These gloves are ideal for everyday wear by both men and women. People with discomfort and pain related to arthritis may find these fingerless gloves helpful. The gloves are also ideal for leisure or ports activities.


  1. Accelerates resilience

These fingerless gloves offer mild compression which can help reduce joint pain and swelling. The gloves also stabilize muscles.


  1. Different design

The gloves come in different designs. Depending on your activities, you can go for full finger gloves or fingerless gloves which are more comfortable if you still want to use fingers to touch, grip or feel things.




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