Little ankle guard, Big protective effect

Little ankle guard, Big protective effect

Little ankle guard, Big protective effect


The importance of ankle protection

Feet are the most important of the human body. According to Chinese medicine, there are ten percent acupoints of the human body, which are 33 acupoints in one foot or 66 acupoints in both feet, below the ankle. Those acupoints below the ankle are the reflection for the organs. Those equal to the second heart. Moreover, the foot is farthest away from the heart, so it is hard to transport the blood. Body is getting in trouble if the terminal blood circulation is bad. Ankle is the vital interchange for the leg blood circulation Therefore, it is clear that ankle is very important.

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The structure of ankle and the major factor of ankle sprain

Ankle consists of some smaller bones and thick and short ligaments. Ankle functions as not only the major interchange of blood vessel ending circulations but also an important part carrying the body weight. In addition, it is one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body. Therefore, ankle sprain is one of the most common injuries no matter in daily life or during the sport. The major sprain is lateral ankle sprain, because the lateral ankle has fewer ligaments than inner side, while the function of the ligament is to stabilize joints. Once ankles are stable, the rate of having ankle sprain will decrease largely.

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The function of ankle guard

It is said, one-ounce prevention is better than a pound cure. The stability of the joint of the ankle can be increased and the ankle sprain can be prevented if the ankle guards are worn before the common and the fiercened sport. Since the styrofoam, which is hot, humid, and not breathing, is highly employed in the guard market. Vital Salveo developed two kinds of ankle guards to solve the problem above for different population. Vital Salveo-Bamboo Charcoal and Germanium Ankle Sleeve employees three-dimensional breathing knitting, which can absorb humidity, repel the sweat, be breathing and comfortable. Simultaneously, the textile with charcoal and Germanium can deodorize the stench, inhibit the bacteria, and release the far infrared and the negative ions. It can be used in daily activity and chores. One another Vital Salveo-Ankle support Foot Sleeve utilizes the Germanium elastic textile with both elastic bands, which is comfortable, is highly breathing and releases the far inferred. It helps ease muscle pain and rigidity of ankles. The design of the Ankle support Foot Sleeve has the proper thickness in foot arch and Achilles tendon according to ergonomics. It protects ankles more and stabilizes the arch of the foot. Moreover, the special knitting increases the pressure in the lateral calcaneus, to increase the stability of the lateral ankle, and to decrease the possibility of the sprain. It is good for exercise and training.

ankle sleeve Bamboo Charcoal and Germanium Ankle Sleeve

What if having ankle sprain

RICE principles should be taken in ankle once sprain has occurred accidentally. R is rest. It means the ankle with sprain should be free from movement and use, for ankles to get rest and fasten the recovery. I is ice, which means ice pack should be used for 15-20 minutes and pause 3-5 minutes as one cycle. C is compression with elastic bands or ankle guard to decrease the blood and swelling of the injured part, to protect and stabilize the joints. E is elevation, which can be applied with pillows below the ankle to uplift the ankle higher than the heart, refluxing the blood, to free from blood clotting and swelling of the ankles.

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