The Benefits of Compression Clothes in Injury Prevention and Recovery

The health and fitness clothing industry has reached incredible levels of diversity in both the styles and uses of the products available. There are countless specialized types of clothes for every activity imaginable. If you're active and participate in any physical activity, you've probably come across a type of gear called compression clothing. You may wonder what exactly compression clothes are and how you can use them in your daily life. There are many uses for compression clothes from injury recovery to improving circulation to even improving your physical abilities during a workout. Compression clothes can be used to help avoid injury and reduce muscle inflammation and pain. They can also be used in everyday activities. No matter what your typical workout or daily routine looks like, you can introduce compression clothes to improve your physical wellbeing.


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There are many different types and styles of compression clothes available. From shorts to socks to tank tops to leggings, there are numerous options to introduce compression clothes into your exercise routine. The general common characteristic of all compression clothing is that it fits tight against the skin, hence the term compression. Most compression clothes are also seamless, so they stretch well and are better suited to adapt to your body. They can be used in intense training for athletes, as well as a normal activity for the typical exercise enthusiast. They can also be used for daily wear and to help provide comfort for individuals with special needs including ADHD and Autism. There are also some studies that suggest compression clothes can help accelerate weight loss by increasing sweat. 

The uses of compression clothes are diverse and beneficial depending on your needs. Compression clothes can be worn for injury prevention. The tight, form-fitting material helps to increase blood circulation and encourages the delivery of oxygen. It also helps keep muscles warm and loose, thus lowering the risk of pulling a muscle. Along the same line, the tightness of the compression clothes help stabilize muscles and joints, also aiding in injury prevention. This muscle stabilization helps to reduce fatigue, allowing to wearing to train harder and longer. Compression clothes can also reduce lactic acid faster to allow for quicker recovery after exercise.


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Similar to injury prevention, compression clothes can also aid in injury recovery. While muscle stabilization helps avoid injury, it also helps soothe muscle pain and inflammation if muscles have been injured. Reducing inflammation, in particular, is important in recovery. Compression clothes can also help your body to recover by targeting specific areas of the body. If you have a pulled back, compression is very helpful in soothing the muscle and reducing movement when you are focusing on rest. 





In addition to aiding in physical activities, compression clothes can be worn every day for similar reasons. One great benefit of compression clothes in your daily life is to stay warm by increasing blood circulation and keeping the heat in. They are also thin and tight, so you can wear them under your normal clothing. There are also studies that show that compression clothes can help children with sensory processing disorders including ADHD and Autism. These studies suggest that the softness and closeness of compression clothes create the sensation of pressure that is calming. The lack of seams is another calming element for kids because there are fewer distracting parts to the clothing. One particular study done in 2017 at Clemson University documented the positive impact of compression clothes for these purposes during therapy sessions. The results show promising benefits to compression clothes as a therapeutic tool.

If you are in the market for compression clothes, or simply interested in giving them a try, Vital Salveo has several options for both men and women for you to choose from. They have different styles for tops including long sleeves, short sleeves, and tank tops. They also have leggings and shorts if you prefer. All of these can be used in physical activities of any intensity, as well as in your daily life. Vital Salveo also makes accessories like hats, gloves, and scarves. One product that is very useful is the compression sock. Vital Salveo makes several different types of compression socks, including dress socks that you can wear to work and still look professional. 

If you're interested in trying a more targeted approach to compression, Vital Salveo makes sleeves and braces for specific areas of the body. These are really beneficial in prevention and recovery for individuals with specific issues like knee pain. These sleeves and braces are particularly helpful in stabilizing the muscles and joints, which helps to prevent injury and reduce pain and inflammation in a more targeted, effective way. In recovery, having targeted compression is incredibly important, as you want to make sure that the muscle or joint in pain is stabilized while you work out other parts of the body. Making sure your injury rests is a key element to recovery. 

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Vital Salveo is unique in that its compression clothes use advanced technology and are made from germanium fiber. This fiber releases far infrared and negative ions through their specialized materials in order to increase your body's energy from deep within your tissues. Part of the way this happens is through the far-infrared that passes through subcutaneous tissues to improve circulation and thus temperature. They also use bamboo in their products, which helps detoxify the body and reduce odor. These benefits are important not only for their role in improving the body's functioning in physical activities but also for the comforting properties in everyday use. Vital Salveo's products are made with 3-dimensional weaving, which allows the clothes to better fit to the shape of the body. This type of weaving makes their clothing more breathable, so they are much more comfortable than other brands. 

Whether you are a professional athlete or you're just looking to improve your comfort throughout the day, compression clothes are a great option to explore. Vital Salveo, in particular, offers a wide range of products that can help improve your physical fitness and make your daily life more comfortable.


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