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Two things you must know about back support

June 06, 2017

Two things you must know about back support

Back support knowledge = Back support “posture”

Why back support?

With advancement of modern technology, televisions, computers, tablets and smartphones have become more popular and useful, and this has changed our daily routines in life. Many have become “couch potatoes” when they are at home and “smartphone zombies” when they are outside. These habits result in chronic, bad postures such as slouched posture, which causes pain in the neck, shoulder and back, and also makes one look dispirited. Hence the first step to back support is to adjust one’s posture.

back support posture

Back support by improving posture

Habitual slouching is very difficult to improve. If you are used to slouching, even if you try to keep your back straight, you would find yourself back to your usual posture within 10 minutes. The main reason for this is the imbalance between the muscles in the front and the back. The pectoralis major muscles in the front are contracted, while the back muscles are too weak to pull back, resulting in the slouched posture. You can improve this with some simple exercises such as standing against the wall 5-10 minutes a day. This re-aligns the back of your head, shoulder blades, hips, calves and ankles on the wall surface. You can also get some back support equipment. A good back-support provides suitable restriction to movements and sufficient support to assist in posture adjustment. The memory foam on the back of the back-support not only provides support to the back, it also fits the curvature of your back perfectly. Unlike traditional back-support with problems such as wetness or discomfort, the newly designed weave mesh keeps you dry and comfortable while wicking sweat away from your skin, making the back-support ideal for posture adjustment.

back support C-Fit

Back-support keeps you free of backache

Why do we need back support?

Habitual bad posture often leads to back pain. If you work in an office, drive long hours in a vehicle or require weightlifting at work, or if you are a housekeeper, you may be prone back pain due to long hours of sitting or back use. In fact, the human lower back is quite fragile. The lower back muscles are mostly small and thin. Their main function is small posture adjustment and is not designed to exert force. Hence if you put your back into lifting heavy objects for too long, it would lead to back pain or even injury. Furthermore, the sitting posture actually confers greater force on the spine than the standing posture, resulting in soreness after long hours.

back support back hurt

Back support exercise prevents backache

How then should we protect our lower back? One way is to do adequate amount of exercise every day. Here is a simple exercise for your lower back. Gently bend over and keep your palms flat on the floor, then slowly push your body back to standing posture while breathing out, lasting a few seconds before you get back to the standing posture. Repeat a few times and your back pain should get better. Another tip is to avoid sitting. Stand whenever you can. If you have to sit long hours at work, then it is preferable to wear back-support, which stabilize the spine and reduce the pressure on it. Back-support is also recommended if you need to lift heavy objects at work. Back-support with dual-force design keeps sufficient pressure around the lower back, hence keeping the forces in balance while moving and reducing discomfort. However, it should be emphasized that back-support is just for assistance that one should not totally depend on. Proper posture and regular exercise are the best ways for a healthy back.