Increasing the immune system against Coronavirus(COVID-19)

Increasing the immune system against Coronavirus(COVID-19)

Due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) evolving at such a rapid pace, things have been out of control. During a difficult time, it is important to have a positive attitude to fight with Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Here is the article illustrate an example of “immune responses from novel coronavirus (COVID-19) patients". (

It shows the body's ability to fight the virus and recover from the infection.

Therefore, we have gathered some information to increase the immune system.

1. Don't smoke.

2. Don't drink TOO MUCH alcoholic

3. Get a healthy lifestyle (eat healthily, exercise regularly)

4. Maintain a healthy weight

5. Get enough sleep

6. Try to minimize stress

7. Stay positive


As you can see “workout” becomes significant.

Here are some videos that you could workout at home:


However, not all people are always in a good situation.

Some people might have a sports injury or work injury before or deal with huge pressure on keeping their job and more. All of them need to eat healthily and workout to build up the muscle and energy to reduce stress. Otherwise, they are all vulnerable, and it is difficult for them to face situations.

I know it is hard to stay positive and workout, but here are some types of equipment would help you during the process.

1. Compression Recovery Shirts for Men and Women

compression clothes for women compression clothes for men

2. Compression Knee Sleeves/Knee Braces

compression knee sleeves or knee braces

3. Compression Shoulder Braces

compression shoulder brace

4. Compression Leg Sleeves

compression leg sleeves

5. Compression Back Braces

compression back braces


ALL of that has the compression to support your muscle and content with Germanium and Bamboo Charcoal which increase circulation and speed up the recovery. It will ease the painful exercise process, and you will be amazed by wearing it.

Most importantly, it will help you a lot, when you are doing exercise. And it will shorter your recovery time. The more workouts you do the stronger the immune system you will have.


Here are some steps to avoid infection:

1. Avoid crowds and popular and places

2. Cooking meats thoroughly

3. Clean your hands more often

4. Avoid your hands touch your eyes and nose.

5. Wear a mask if you are coughing or sneezing 

Stay positive, stay healthy and stay safe.

We hope you the best.

We will get through this together, if you have any questions, please do let us know, and please share this article if you find it useful.

Thank you



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